The God-kind

Just a quick confession at the start of this year: I started a ‘read the Bible in one year’ plan. I’m already behind. BUT despite the fact that I’m finding it a challenge to get through all of the reading for each day (not really the point, is it?!) God’s been [...]

Why I Want You To Prosper

I have just returned from a trip to the United States. With my wife and two kids in tow, it was a busy trip yet a time of great reflection. Part of our time was spent in the Bible Belt where I suffered a massive culture shock. Most of my church experience has been [...]

Words From Another World

I think it’s Bill Johnson who said ‘The reality you’re most aware of, is the reality you will reflect’.  It’s a statement that has stuck with me.  It’s the statement that inspired me some years ago to spend a whole lot of time on youtube watching videos of Kathryn [...]

Misconceptions About The Prophetic

Why is the prophetic so misunderstood? There are so many misconceptions that keep people from engaging with the prophetic in a healthy way. The prophetic is not fatalistic, and it is not fortune telling. Let’s represent it well. This post was originally [...]

Words of knowledge

I often get asked about my process of receiving words of knowledge. Here is the answer to that question in my latest VLOG. I hope this helps you understand the prophetic a little bit more, and gives you the confidence to step out in words of knowledge yourself. [...]

Living the Victory… Before the Breakthrough

Have you ever had one of those moments where someone points something out from scripture and you think to yourself ‘How have I not seen this before?!’?  On Sunday evening I was listening to an outstanding message from George Gourlay – ‘The King who is Victorious’ [...]

Powerful Beautiful

I recently read an incredibly sad and provoking book entitled ‘Half the Sky’ by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.  It is a book all about women, documenting how women are the most oppressed people on the planet today.  It shows oppression to be not only the [...]

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